• Q. Will there be the necessity of driving to the court?
  • A. When you come to Calgary Traffic Tickets, you can save the time and effort of visiting a court. Our agent will visit the Calgary traffic court on your behalf and would solve out the issue.

  • Q. How much time will it take you for solving the issue?
  • A. We have got several years of experience for rendering traffic ticket solution. Hence, we try our best for solving the issue in the minimal time period. But, it generally takes a few months for getting everything back to normal.

  • Q. What are your service charges to fight a ticket in Calgary?
  • A. The service charges are calculated on the basis of the ticket convicted to you. We will charge varied rates for speeding ticket in Calgary and other areas. But, ours is the best offer you can get in the whole region.

  • Q. What happens when I get a demerit record?
  • A. Breaking a traffic law, not only brings you a traffic ticket, but also gets your name in the demerit record. For instance, gaining enough speeding ticket points could make you lose your driving license. The points are counted for describing the level of conviction.

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